MarDrum 200 hv

Dispensing of high-viscous liquids

MarDrum 200 hv is available for emptying 200 l drums filled with high viscous liquids. A platen, optionally heated, is pushed onto the surface of the liquid and a gear pump can consequently meter the product.

MarDrum 200 hv

Technical data

  • Drum size 200 liter
  • discharge volume up to 15 liter/min
  • viscosity range from 30,000 mPas
  • pneumatic lift stand pressure required 6-8 bar
  • admissable operating temperature 150 °C

Optional equipment

  • partially or fully heated or cooled
  • heating electric or liquid
  • dosing hose
  • excentric screw pump, optionally with special sealing for filled products
  • inline-viscosity measurement
  • flow control
  • temperature control
  • air motor